Aircraft Survey / Introduction & Handback
It is critical that the aircraft inspection be performed by highly qualified, experienced personnel who are well-versed in the aviation requirements of various countries. Personnel should be accomplished in aircraft and engine construction, as well as the intricacies of maintenance. Astrum Technics experts are known for their attention to detail and ability to always find the best solution for the owner of the plane.
  • Aircraft Condition Monitoring
  • Lease Compliance Monitoring
  • Annual Aircraft Lease Inspections (incl. follow-up)
  • Pre-Redelivery Inspections (incl. follow-up)
  • Maintenance Program Compliance Monitoring
  • Engine Shop Visit Table Inspections
  • Heavy Maintenance Check Supervision
  • Delivery / Redelivery Supervision
  • Delivery / Redelivery Project Management
  • Technical Records Collection
  • Technical Records Management
Take to the skies with confidence thanks to our power of expertise in aircraft parts.